May 21, 2024

OncoveryCare News: Presentation at Stanford Survivorship Conference

This week, the OncoveryCare team had the pleasure of presenting a poster at The 2nd Annual Cancer Center Survivorship Research Forum: Implementing Equitable Cancer Survivorship Care. The event, held this year at Stanford University, brought together leaders in the field of cancer survivorship to discuss a range of pressing topics in the field, including: equity and community engagement; managing the short- and late- effects of cancer (such as cardiotoxicity and cognitive dysfunction); cancer rehabilitation; fear of cancer recurrence and psychosocial distress; risk stratification of cancer survivors; and more.

OncoveryCare shared an overview of our novel Transitions of Care intervention, which delivers comprehensive, virtual cancer survivorship care to patients transitioning from the active treatment phase to long-term management. Key components of the program include a proprietary, survivorship-specific therapy protocol delivered by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker; side-effect management and navigation from a survivorship-trained Nurse Practitioner; peer support from a fellow cancer survivor; and asynchronous content and tools designed to equip patients with the tools and skills to manage their survivorship care moving forward. To inform the design of the intervention, OncoveryCare conducted quantitative and qualitative research with over 600 cancer survivors to purpose-build this program in collaboration with the cancer community. 

The OncoveryCare team has proposed a single-arm demonstration program, and in partnership with the Stanford Medicine Survivorship Research Team will enroll cancer survivors in the program who are within 30 to 180 days post-active treatment. Through this novel collaboration, the team will rigorously evaluate a range of outcomes—such patient-self efficacy, fear of cancer recurrence (FCR), and net promoter score—in order to demonstrate feasibility and acceptability of this innovative new survivorship care model.

OncoveryCare is now live, and we are actively treating patients and expanding our partnerships with health systems and provider groups. We are proud to have a care model that has been collaboratively built by both cancer survivors and clinicians, and we are looking forward to sharing our outcomes more broadly. The OncoveryCare team is very grateful to the folks at Stanford for putting on such a great conference—it is always exciting to bring the field together around the possibilities and needs in the survivorship space. One key theme at the conference was how to scale survivorship to all those in need (18 million survivors!)—and we look forward to continuing to provide convenient, evidenced-based, and survivor-informed care to our cancer community.  

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