At Oncovery, we’re rethinking care for cancer survivors.

We believe in a world where survivorship isn’t just surviving—it’s thriving. Our comprehensive, integrated survivorship care model is designed to help you live well beyond a cancer diagnosis.

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The population of cancer survivors is growing quickly...

With advancements in cancer treatment and early detection, the number of cancer survivors has increased significantly, and that growth will only continue to accelerate in the coming decades.









...and cancer survivorship care is critical

can·cer sur·vi·vor·ship (noun)

i. Due to significant improvements in cancer treatment, more people are surviving cancer—but with tremendous side effects.

ii. The field of cancer survivorship is focused on mitigating the mental and physical health effects of cancer treatment.

iii. Survivorship starts at the moment of diagnosis.

Phases of Survivorship
Active Treatment Survivorship/ Living with Cancer
0-5 Years Post-Treatment (Transition of Care)
5+ Years Post-Treatment (Long-Term Survivorship)

Cancer survivors face gaps in care for the unique challenges that we face

This can lead to questions such as:

Who manages my care after treatment?
What support groups or resources exist in my community?
How do I manage my side effects from chemo treatment?
How do I communicate with my healthcare team now that treatment is over?
How do I approach conversations about my cancer experience with family, friends, and coworkers?
What lifestyle changes should I make to reduce the risk of recurrence?
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We have the solution: Oncovery’s integrated survivorship care model

Local Team

We work directly with your oncologist and existing care team to deliver the care you need. While our services are virtual, we integrate fully into the communities we serve, and partner with local referral sources, non-profit groups, and more.


Our physical and mental healthcare services are covered by insurance (see below for where we are currently live).


Our care team creates a survivorship care model tailored to you based on your specific needs and the treatment you received.

by survivors, for survivors

Our model was designed by cancer survivors in partnership with clinicians, and peer support is a key ingredient in our care model.

How our care model can support you

Our care model is designed to deliver high-value care to cancer survivors during the months following treatment. Our whole-person approach blends physical, mental, and social support tailored to your specific needs.

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Survivorship-trained care team

Our team is trained specifically to work with survivors, and are equipped with clinical protocols developed in partnership with the world's experts in survivorship care.

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Physical Health

We work with you to manage any side effects and symptoms of your treatment, as well as finding movement and exercise that works for your body.

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Mental Health

We provide a variety of mental health care services, including 1:1 survivorship therapy, to help meet your needs post-treatment.

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Survivorship Care Planning

We'll provide you with a personalized, dynamic Survivorship Care Plan to help you manage your long-term care, track progress, and feel your best.

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Navigation to community
resources & referrals

We will work with you to identify helpful resources in your community, and ensure that you are able to access the care you need.

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Peer Mentor

Our peer mentor—a fellow cancer survivor themselves—will be alongside you every step of the way.

Are you a Tennessee Oncology patient?

OncoveryCare is thrilled to partner with Tennessee Oncology to provide integrated survivorship care to its patients.

We are rolling out our care to Tennessee Oncology survivors throughout 2024. If you are a TO patient interested in our services, please reach out to us directly to learn more about how we may be able to help you as you enter into survivorship.

Don't live in Tennessee? Check back soon—we're working to go live soon in additional states!

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